This is an abreviated way to describe an Automated Clearing House payment.


An ACH deposit is essentially a bank to bank transfer of funds from your bank to our bank, and then into your link2bet account.


An ACH transaction is initiated when the receiver, the customer, authorizes an originator, link2bet, to issue an ACH debit into their bank account in order to fund their wagering account.  Accounts are identified by their banking institution's Routing Number and the Account Number within that bank.


These types of deposit typically take 5 Business days to transfer the funds from your bank account into your link2bet account.  Please note that while the funds may have been removed from your bank account this does not mean that watchandwager has received the funds and only once the transfer has been confirmed will you be notifed by email and the funds be available to wager.


To initiate this process please click on the ACH "Deposit Now" button on the deposits page.

Please enter your Routing Number in the first box

Then select the type of bank account you have

Enter the amount you wish to deposit and finally, press the “Transfer Fund” button to initiate the deposit.


You will receive an email confirmation that your ACH deposit has been initiated and a further email notification once funds have cleared and deposited into your link2bet account.